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Custom Rhinestone Tank Tops

Custom Rhinestone Tank Tops


Sleeveless tanks and caps work too! Spring wear!


We can apply rhinestones to any item of clothing on any fabric. The only exceptions are Fabrics negatively affected by heat such as velvet, acrylic, silk, polyamide, PVC, silicone or fabrics with a wax finish and some rayon will not work.


Rhinestones will not stick to non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, rubber, metal or leather (because of the oil in the leather and the heat will cause the scorching of the material).

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your order.

Using a high-quality stone and adhesive with state of the art equipment your rhinestone logo will last the life of the garment. Simply wash inside out and you can always appreciate its sentiment!

Ask us for a quote!

About 6ix Rhinestone

6ix Rhinestone is small, family run company that provides custom rhinestone clothing & rhinestone transfers for t shirts, hoodies, hats, dresses, jackets and any of piece of clothing you can think of.

We operate in Canada but offer shipping all around the world and provide affordable pricing on any project.

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