Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the designs last on the garment?

Generally, the designs last the lifetime of the garment.


What kind of artwork do you accept?

Jpeg, Bitmap, PDF

How do I pay?​

We accept; Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, cash or cheque. All orders must be paid in full prior to completion of order.


What colors can I get?

There are many different colors available in rhinestones, rhinestuds and nailheads. The rhinestone are translucent and the rhinestudsand nailheads are shiny and opaque. All the basic commonly used colors are available such as red, blue, pink, white, black, green, yellow, silver and gold. There is also a selection of more unusual colors.

How do I apply the transfers?

It is best to use a proper heat press. If you only have access to an iron, then:

Ironing- temperature 170 degrees Celsius – 200 degrees Celsius (338 Fahrenheit- 392 Fahrenheit)

Pressing time: 20-30 seconds

Pressure: 4.5 PSI- 8PSI

What are the care instructions? How long does it last in the wash?

If the proper application and washing instructions are followed, the stones will last the life of the garment. If you are applying the transfers, please refer to our transfer guide (click here). The care instructions are cold wash inside out and lay flat to dry. Even if these rules and guidelines are not followed, the proper application of these machine cut crystals will endure the worst of habits.


What fabrics do not work?

Fabrics negatively affected by heat such as velvet, acrylic, silk, polyamide, PVC, silicone or fabrics with a wax finish and some rayon will not work.. Rhinestones will not stick to non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, rubber, metal or leather (because of the oil in the leather and the heat will cause the scorching of the material)

You should always pre-test a piece of the fabric and use Teflon to protect the material. Common sense should be used.


NOTE: The 6ix rhinestone experts will always use Teflon when applying your transfers on your garment.

About 6ix Rhinestone

6ix Rhinestone is small, family run company that provides custom rhinestone clothing & rhinestone transfers for t shirts, hoodies, hats, dresses, jackets and any of piece of clothing you can think of.

We operate in Canada but offer shipping all around the world and provide affordable pricing on any project.

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